Quite a few years ago, a good childhood friend of mine came across it somewhere and suggested that we do it. He was based in New Zealand at the time (and is now in the Air Force) but back then, things seemed a bit easier, and we decided that within a year or two, we were going to have saved up enough so that we could tackle this together. But, as life would have it, it just didn’t work out that way. A lot ended up happening in his world, and as much happened in mine.

I lost my mom to cancer and the six-year-old son of very special friends, and when I pulled the “Pacific Crest Trail” idea from the top of my cupboard , I knew that this was something I had to do.

This walk is not just for me. It is for Johan, the guy who sewed the seed, it is for all those that want to adventure, but THINK they can’t, it is for those special little souls who would really want to be out and about, but just can’t. I hope that with every step forwards for me on this trail, in some way or another will be worth a thousand steps forwards for each of the little warriors fighting the fights of their lives!